Friday, November 04, 2011

Weblogic Managed Server multicast packets issue: Critical Subsystem Cluster has failed.

If you see below error on starting a managed server:

<Error> <Cluster> <BEA-000170> <Server managedServer1 did not receive the multicast packets that were sent by itself>
<Critical> <Health> <BEA-310006> <Critical Subsystem Cluster has failed. Setting server state to FAILED.

Its most likely an issue of IP of servers. I don't know if there would be other causes to it but this is what happened in my case:

I had configured a domain for a specific IP originally, however when I changed the IP the above error logged on console.

Solution: Connected laptop to a network and provided a static IP(which was originally assigned) to it.

(Note : I tried to update the IP of servers to a new IP of assigned by new network however it didn't work.)


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